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De anza Nursing program

  1. 0 Has anyone in allnurses applied or is attending the De Anza school of nursing program? I have been accepted into the program and I am waiting to see what quarter I will be starting. I am getting anxious about the unknown. Does anyone have any words of wisdom specific to this program? Or any words of wisdom in general. HELP!
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    You'll do great just stay focused and you will finish successfully. I actually have an interest in this program. When did you apply? How long was the wait? What was your gpa?I have two more semester left before applying. Good Luck!
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    Hi Ms Frank. I applied in September 2012 and my GPA is 3.9. I will be hearing back on February if I have been chosen to start on the Spring. It is likely that I will but not definite. The wait is now about a year, so they say. If I get into the spring class I woul have only waited about 6 months or so. Good luck. And thanks for the encouraging words.
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    A year wait is actually pretty good far as how long people have been waiting in California. That is so great. Good luck.