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Cranial Nerves

  1. 3 Here is one of my favorite diagrams I've used so far in Nursing School. It's the cranial nerves and it has really helped me remember what they do! Hope this helps someone

    Cranial Nerves10142012_0000.pdf
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    Our anatomy prof gave us this pic, too. He said it was originally drawn by a nursing instructor.
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    Sorry can't see the pic :/
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    I got it. Thanks
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    It says there is an error when I try to look at the picture too.
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    Quote from alysonp
    It says there is an error when I try to look at the picture too.
    Its a PDF file.
    My AP prof. did something like this, I had completely forgotten about it.
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    Credit where credit is due:

    Facing Cranial Nerve Assessment, by Barbara Bolek, APRN, MSN,CCRN, PCCN
    published in American Nurse Today, November 2006, p. 21

    I use this in my class as well.
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    wish I had had this during nursing school. Thanks for sharing