Cover Letter Writing... I need help!! Cover Letter Writing... I need help!! | allnurses

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Cover Letter Writing... I need help!!

  1. 0 I am about to graduate from my RN program in August and a current project we are working on is developing a resume and cover letter.

    I understand that the first paragraph of the cover letter is supposed to state how you heard about the job, for example "I am responding to your advertisement for a Registered Nurse in the New York Time, January 3, 2007." My issue with this first paragraph is that there is no position open for the unit I am applying for. I currently work on an ICU and want to apply there but there are no posted jobs however I want to submit a resume anyway.

    How should I word this first paragraph if a position has not been posted? We are supposed to make this cover letter as real as possible other wise I'd make a position posting up!

    Thanks in advance!!