Care Plan for impaired parenting

  1. I need help! I am thinking of doing this ND-

    impaired parenting r/t young age(19), lack of parenting skills(first time mom), not keeping infant 100% safe while being held e/b baby falling from mom's arms to floor at one day old.

    pt will keep baby safe while holding her by not reaching over baby's head and endangering her to fall to the floor.

    Nurse will verbally teach her that the things should be moved like the tray table and things needed for her to reach without reaching over the baby's head before picking up the baby.

    Pt verbally acknowledge the reason why because I told her that she can drop her again and next time the baby may not be ok like the first time.

    Nurse will access pt holding child, observing pt doesnt reach over baby's head to get an item off of the tray table.
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    Plenty of examples of care plans here to give you ideas