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    Ugh just had my first pediatric test - only 10 points and I got a 60%:-(. I'm in my last two semesters and I can't give up now! We still have 3 tests plus the final but I hate starting off a semester with a bad grade! We need a 75% to pass!

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    I know everyone says this, but it's only the first test!! You'll be ok. Keep studying, you're so close to being done!!
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    I made a 62 on my first OB test a couple weeks ago and I graduate this December. I am not giving up and I'm gonna study my butt of to get out of her class! We have to make a 75 also. You can do it!!! Stay positive
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    Well thank you all! I know what I have to do and Im gonna do it! I have four kids and a hubby that are counting on me to finish this! They have sacrificed so much for me to go back to school! I need this so bad and I'm ready for a break! I've been going part time since 2008 doing pre reqs and started my clinicals in January 2011 - I can do it:-)

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