Bridging from RPN to RN.....Canada or US??

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    I am going to be starting my last year of Practical Nursing. I already know that I want to bridge and get my RN. I just don't know the best way to go about it. There are no colleges in the city I live in to bridge, so I would have to go somewhere and do it, or online and just go for my clinicals. I had heard that getting your Bachelors in US is the same as Canada and that I would just have to write the exam here too if I work here. I live right at a border between Canada/Us, so working in the US isn't that far fetched even though I live in Canada. I know I still have a whole year and have to pass and write my test at then end, but I like to be organized and ahead of the game lol
    Any advice, or anyone that has bridged?
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