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book...where to find cheaper books

  1. 0 Starting school shortly and ready to buy books. The bookstore is selling a bundled package for $320 but I see the books online for $150...I'm not sure if I would be missing out on things in the bundle if I buy online. What do u guys think?
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    I get all mine on amazon it's just easier. If you're afraid you're going to miss something just take a look at what is in the package to make sure you aren't missing anything.
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    You need to check the isbn numbers and also make sure if you buy used books that you get accompanying cd roms. If you are required to have online access codes you will not be able to get used books.

    I got all my books from online retailers - alibris is one of my favorites but I had to pay close attention to edition and extras like cd 's.
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    alibris has good prices

    chegg is good to rent books from if u dont plan on keeping them
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    When I was doing pre-reqs there was only one 'bundle' at the school bookstore that was different than the new book shrink wrapped off of Amazon. It was a book and a studyguide which bought separately on Amazon was still cheaper! Buying used books can save money but a lot of books require accesscodes to get online supplementary tools ((I find these really helpful for my learning style) so check to see if this is free for your book or if you have to buy it. Sometimes if you have to buy a access code to get online resources it is actually more expensive to get the used books. I have never bought books from a bookstore aside from when I recieved a 'book scholarship' which was basically a coupon for the bookstore.
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    I went with Amazon. Most purchases qualify for free shipping and get to you faster then they estimate. I saved a ton of money, they came to me and all my books are brand spanking new (meaning they have codes and extras included) Good luck to you! Relysh
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    Ive been doing some research myself. Books are CRAZY expensive!!! I ended up buying 2 of my books off Amazon (love amazon), and I think I'm just going to buy my math book from the school bookstore since it is some kinda package deal (right, deal?) But anyways, does anybody know if you NEED an aplia with a book? B/c I bought my english book off Amazon and I'm not sure it comes with the aplia. What the heck is that for anyway???
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    i did amazon, even the new prices were cheaper than the book store and it guaranteed that all the stuff came with it... alot of my books had cds
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    I agree on amazon, ebay, etc to get cheap books. If you have a half priced book store I would definitely recommend stopping over there. Sometimes you can get really lucky and find the books you need really cheap. Worth a shot if you have one.

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    Amazom is good...I also like
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    I usually go to and plug in the ISBN then click "compare prices." Lowest price with best shipping times wins.
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    Buy an older edition of the text books you need. You will pay $1-$10 for a nearly identical book. I rarely use my books and use my notes and Google more than anything. But for classes that did require alot of reading, older editions worked fine.

    The only book, you may want the newest edition for would be drug guides since they change yearly. Our drug guides are on our phone (Skyscape) though instead of a printed book.
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    I go thru ebates and get cash back when I buy my books and Barnes & Noble, Abebooks, etc....I got a check for close to $100 last semester on top of the cheaper book prices.