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Biggest exam of my life in 1 month

  1. 0 OMG im starting to freack out im having my boards for my full licence to be a RN here in canada and im freaking out... Havent started to stufy yet and ehen i do read from my prep book, seems like i know everything already!?! Which is clearly impossible... What should i do!!!!
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    Study anyway, then take a look at the mayonnaise jar in your refrigerator.

    On the lid it says, "Keep cool, do not freeze."

    Welcome to the profession!
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    Thanks! im so un motivated to study i work full time plus double shifts... I mean i just dont feel like stdying when i have time off... But i guess its worth it
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    1) Consider cutting back your work schedule, because if you flunk because you didn't have time or energy to study, that's not gonna feel good and doesn't serve your interests for the long term.

    2) If that avatar is your actual picture, change it. You cannot sacrifice anonymity here. See the thread on avatars for more information about what a bad idea that is.
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    Thnks for the advice ill try to cut back but i swear its hard.... When im not working i get bored!!!
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    The ONE thing, actually two things that relaxed me most was #1: knowing that the hard part (college) was over; and #2: knowing that this was not something that I HAD to do, but instead, wanted to do.
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    Yeah ive been told by ,multiple teachers and fellowe older grads that our college exam is worst than the boards exam... And i managed to pass my college exams without studying with the exception of peds and psychiatry... So i should b not too bad... Hopefully!!!