BEST NCLEX book to aid in test prep?

  1. 0 I am in my 1st semester of RN school and I am not doing well on my tests at all and basically have one more chance (the Final exam). The final will determine whether I pass of fail out of Nursing school. I dont know what Im doing wrong. I study and read the obsense amount of chapters required and think Im prepared but when the test comes, Im at a loss and dont know the answers and end up guessing on most.
    Do the NCLEX practice books REALLY help you pass your tests? And if they do, which one do you recommend??
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    No they don't and no they won't. Your at the end of the semester and throwing your faith into a third party resource isn't going to assist you over the next few weeks.
    Your best bet: use study resources your teachers have given you, make appointments with the teachers and find out what your lacking, and get off the internet and facebook.

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