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  1. I wasn't sure where to post this so I figured I would just post it here. I plan on attending nursing school in a year or two to become a labor and delivery nurse. I was looking into becoming a doula before attending nursing school. Can someone answer these questions for me:

    1. Will becoming a doula possibly help me to get into nursing school as well as help me get a job after nursing school?
    2. What are the best ways to become a doula? From the research I have read I am slightly confused.

    Pretty much if anyone could help me with any doula info I would seriously appreciate it!! THANK YOU!
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  3. by   TheAmazingMrsA
    I'm planning on getting my doula cert this Summer during my break from nursing school. It more than likely won't help you get into nursing school, but I can see it giving you a leg up come L&D clinical time. I'm getting it because I'm considering going for more schooling to be a Nurse Midwife.

    As far as where to take the training, look around your area for schools that have midwife training. There's a university in my area dedicated to natural medicine, and they offer Summer classes for doula training. And if you know pregnant women, it's super helpful because you need to be able to attend live births.