Barry University Nursing Students Or Alumni

  1. I'm Currently A Sophomore At Barry University. I Start My Actual Nursing Classes This Fall. Just Wanted To Know If There Are Any Fellow Barry Nursing Students Or Alumni Out There?
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  3. by   codebluechic
    I begin Barry's acute care NP program this fall. I'm very impressed with what I've seen so far.
  4. by   FarmgrrlRN
    Congrats brownsuga on your acceptance...i'm not at Barry U, but I did grow up in Miami Shores a few blocks from Barry...its beautiful there!
  5. by   Mexarican
    Congrats girl!!

    thats where i wanna go for CRNA school...but i'm at least 6 years away from that. LOL Gotta get my RN first and then my ICU exp. Been planning this for over four years...just now gettin the wheels a turnin!