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APA cite/reference: How to cite?

  1. 0 Can anyone help? I am taking part in a nursing informatics group project and I am trying to cite & reference a Word document and PDF that I received from an EMR company. I am not sure if I am doing it correctly. Currently I am writing the reference up in the 'archival document' format outlined in the APA manual (6th edition, pg. 212).


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    Have you looked up APA on Purdue OWL? I don't know what the wording is like in the APA guide, but I've 'gotten' citing quirky materials because of the site.

    Hope that helps you a bit!
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    Citation machine is a great tool!
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    Thanks for the reply. Purdue's site doesn't have formatting info on archival sources (which is what I think the material that I have would be considered).
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    I'm an editor and what we use is, "ABC corporation. Document name. Date.

    then "... www.urlblahblah.com Retrieved 2/23/2012"

    or " ... (private communication)"

    or " ... Corporation address."

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