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Anyone Volunteered at a Hospital?

  1. 0 Hi everyone,

    I just received an email about an interview for a volunteer position at a local hospital near me. I'm currently enrolled in a BSN program - fall of sophomore year. I am currently unemployed for now. I'm hoping that this position will help my resume and possibly help me get a better (or paid) job in the future. (Doesn't have to be in a hospital.) So I'm wondering, has anyone ever done this? What can I expect from the interview? Do you have any tips of how I should dress, what I should say, etc? Will this benefit my resume when I try to apply to other jobs? How?

    Thanks for reading
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    So funny! I was just wondering the same thing, about a CNA job, when I saw your post. I will be watching to see peoples' responses. Good luck!
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    Volunteering, and more so, working as a CNA will help you in your job hunt; it may or may not help you with theory and clinical competence/confidence.

    The only downside I have heard is that you want to avoid working at a site you may have clinical.