Anybody else having problems with med-surg theory???

  1. This term is killing me!!! I am doingf great in clinicals, but my care plans and med-surg theory is killing my grades!!! Anybody got any good advice for care plan interventions and rationale???
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  3. by   berry
    learn two things frontwards and backwards 1)acid/base 2)fluids and electolytes after that it is all down hill -----------most problems results in a problem with one or both. examples such as resp,cardio,renal, and so on all equal problems with 1 and 2
  4. by   goinnuts
    Thanks Berry!! Sounds like great advice, I'm getting F&E, but still have work to do on acid/base......but I'll keep truckin!! Only 3 weeks to go and I will have passed med-surg!