Any soon-to-be GNs want to chat? Any soon-to-be GNs want to chat? | allnurses

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Any soon-to-be GNs want to chat?

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    I graduate in May and I am very excited to start my new job, but also very nervous. Then there's the NCLEX exam. . . . !!!
    How do some of you feel about starting your new job and taking the exam. I would love to hear from you.
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    Hi there! I graduate April 30th which is soon approaching and start work May 15th. Would love to chat or email as we both start are new and exciting careers. Email is and ICQ is 6429427 also EMTChic nick there. I have finals 23 and 24th so it will be busy plus I move on the 5th of May but I will reply if you wish to chat Best of luck to you and all of the other soon to be GN's out there Kim Rush