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  1. 0 I'm about to start at an online RN-BSN program next week. Duh moment but when applying for the work scholarship it asks if its accredited. Apparently its not yet, because they've only been at it for one year and are set to try and become accredited in October, which isn't guarenteed.

    I figure I have a few options. 1: take all the gen ed courses in the first semester, get them out of the way, and transfer credits to another institution in January if nessessary. 2: start taking a few nursing courses with a few gen ed courses to start getting the nursing courses out of the way, but I am worried about starting them before they become accredited.

    What would you guys do, would you run for the hills? Would you put one nursing course under your belt before knowing fully they will be accredited?
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    If you need the gen ed courses anyway, I would take them first. I would not take the nursing classes until the accreditation is there. It might be a waste of your time and money.

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