Working in Kidney Transplant...lotsa questions :) Working in Kidney Transplant...lotsa questions :) | allnurses

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Working in Kidney Transplant...lotsa questions :)

  1. 0 I was wondering if anyone has ever worked on a kidney transplant floor before as an RN. Anyone care to share their experiences with me, things like...

    avg nurse to pt ratio?
    skills it a good floor for learning and doing hands on skills?
    are pt loads heavier than a usual medical floor or avg floor (for example?)
    is it a good unit to learn time management and confidence as a newer graduate?
    typical things seen or done on this type of floor?
    tips/tricks for working with this population
    educational opportunities?
    what is a typical day on the floor?
    *important information to know about kidneys, labs, tests, transplants, meds?
    Things that are pertinent to know

    I would get 8 twelve hour shifts orientation as a casual nurse

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    I got your PM but I cant reply? Can you send me an email address or something, I can answer some of your questions.