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    what makes us a nurse: sometimes becoming a nurse is the dream of a lifetime
    born perhaps in childhood on seeing the competent care given loved one or perhaps themselves. care that struck a cord in an impressionable little head.

    sometimes it is being the child of a nurse who comes home tired and yet has the energy to be a parent, a parent who teaches work ethic, honesty the foundations in being a good nurse

    sometimes it is the person whose job is outsourced or simply dried up and other jobs in that line are not available. being forced in to a new career in mid stream
    they are carried kicking and screaming into a whole new profession. then they wake up one day and realize that they are very good at the this job that they have come to love

    after school you face enormous debt and you are walking into a whole new world
    you quickly learn which nurses who will welcome you eagerly to share a profession with a new generation: there are others who look at you as someone who is there to take up their overtime hours: and there are always the ones who are there to do the least work and never have the time to lend a bit of advise to a 'newbie' you will learn and you will survive because after the strain of nursing school you will survive anything.. and one day you will look up from your charting and see a nurse walk in with a look that is only seen on new grads. reach out and give a hand in welcome, believe me it will mean the world to them.

    you will see babies born, you will see people die and all the sick that need some intervention..we learn that some patients are there due to some really bad choices when they were young and felt indestructible and nothing could hook them.

    some of them, their only 'crime' is being born with bad genes or being exposed to some companies waste..when a child looks up at you and asks 'WHY ME' it will break your heart because you have no answer

    accidents, illness, old age will all pass through your care. when your parents, spouse, children become ill you will wish that you didn't have the knowledge about diagnosis, symptoms, prognosis but you will have a nurse to stand by your side in those time

    this job has many doors and venues, you can choose fields that suit your interests
    if a relocation is necessary due to family needs you can find a job anywhere the if you want to travel and see the country there are hospitals clamoring for your services
    when you walk out of work at the end of a shift, you can feel the fresh air on your face and know you did a good days work and that someone is the better for it.

    when you make the retirement decision you will know that generation of patients and families will remember you and the care they received at your hands,

    stand tall, be a great role model, learn something new every day, enjoy the day.
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  3. by   RNWannaBe724
    I really enjoyed reading this. I nearly have tears in my eyes. I am just starting the journey to nursing school but I cannot wait to be one that gets to share in the profession and touch someone's heart like they will all touch mine.