What is your no fail nursing tip

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    I was surfing the web and came across this web site

    It is mostly related to doctors but there are some good nursing tips... But I know that all of you experienced nurses have learned something about some tip or trick that you didn't learn in nursing school but now is a no fail tip

    I know that one tip I have is for blood. Check component, blood band, patient name, order, and check with patient if they have ever had a blood reaction before. This has saved me from having to call the doctor after I had the transfusion reaction. I just called before I gave the blood to get some prophalaxis.

    Another one that I know works is to put powder on the bed pan.

    any others out there

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    use the plastic bag that teds come in over the naked foot than slide the ted over that and pull out the bag through the inspection hole.
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    Never go to work without your sense of humour...
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    Squirt some saline into the ativan vial.....it's draws up much easier!
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    Difficulty cathing an obese or elderly patient---unable to find urinary meatus?

    Need bedpan and sterile Q tips:
    If client's legs excessively stiff--perform ROM first.
    Turn a bedpan upside down, lightly powder bottom side and slide to back of buttocks--skinfolds will hang on the sides now. Drap client for cath insertion as usual. If having difficulty visualizing correct "hole" er meatus, I clean pubic area then insert sterile Qtip into skin opening to see if I can express urine while holding penlight in my lips. Saves on contaminating a catheter.

    If difficulty recathing patient, I insert sterile Q tip prior to removing old indwelling catheter.
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    Dang...those are some GREAT tips!!!!!

    I never knew that about the ativan...and the TED hose thing is brilliant!!! I do powder the bedpan...makes it much more comfortable for the patient!

    Since we don't use pumps for out G-Tube feeders...I always fill the tubing with whater before adding the 2-cal, jevity, osmolite...etc. That stuff is ALOT thicker than it looks!!!

    Although I have never had the need to do this, I once saw a Dr put his stethescope in the ears of a VERY hard of hearing patient while he talked into the bell...he didn't have to talk very loud and the patient heard him MUCH better!

    And...when dealing with difficult/feisty patients...always remember...Approach...Approach...Approach!!! I wish I could get my co-workers to realize this.


    I did not mean to forget you Karen...I will remember thos tips as well...catheterizing some patients can be EXTREMELY difficult. I have almost had to stand on my head to get some!!!!
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    This thread is great....I always love to hear other nurses's techniques. These are great tips! Will definitely try them all!
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    When a pt is on multiple drips, take a few minutes to fold silk tape onto the ends of the IV tubings and label the drug infusing there. So, when the doo hits the fan, and you need to give emergency drugs fast, you know which lines will have compatible or incompatible drugs in a hurry.
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    Heelsticks on babies: Warm the heel--use an official heel warmer, or run 1/2 a diaper under warm [not hot] water and wrap it around the babies heel. Just before the puncture put a VERY thin film of Neosporin oint over the heel--makes the blood sort of bead up and go where you want it instead of running all over everything else.

    We use the q-tip trick on babies, too, to spread the labia so that you can see the meatus. It takes a helper, but it's worth it.
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    1) wash your hands...(duh)

    2) Always shake your pt's hand as you introduce yourself... you can assess warmpth, color, cap refill, and strength... makes it faster....


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