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    Quote from Ruby Vee
    Everyone makes mistakes; absolutely everyone. Anyone who says they haven't made a medication error is either lying or too stupid to realize they've made one. If every nurse who ever made a medication error was terminated, there would be no nurses. It's what you do AFTER you make the medication error that is the difference between a good nurse and a bad one.

    When you make an error, you should recognize that you've made one, admit it -- to yourself and to everyone else who needs to know -- and then set about mitigating the damage to the patient. After the patient is as safe as you can make them, you initiate a discussion with your nurse manager, even if you must email them, phone them or text them. Tell your manager that you made a mistake (because you don't want the first she hears of it to be from a physician ranting and raving about her "incompetent staff"), that you realize how devastating the consequences to the patient could have been and that you could not be sorrier for that. If you've figured it out already, tell her how the mistake happened and what you will do in the future to prevent it from ever happening again. And then take the chewing out you get with humility and with as much grace as you can muster.

    People who react with defensiveness or attitude to having a medication error pointed out are the people who are terminated. People who make horrific errors and then admit it, fix it and are honestly sorry can survive with their jobs and their licenses intact. If the OP reacted to counseling about her medication errors the same way she's been reacting here, it is not surprising that she was terminated. Termination was probably the only way to keep her patients safe.
    That makes a lot of sense - thanks for taking the time to explain.
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    Can I just thank everyone? I may not always get along or agree with all of you but you guys are there to make me feel sane when I think I'm going crazy.
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