Summer 2017 Carolinas Medical Center (CMC) New Grad

  1. Hello Everyone,
    I am creating this in hopes to find other new graduates who will be a part of Carolinas Medical Center CMC (with Carolinas HealthCare System) New graduate program starting this summer of 2017. I recently accepted a position in it and was hoping to connect with some other new grads before it started!
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  3. by   RNjackie23
    I accepted a position with them! Will be starting this summer!
  4. by   hes64
    yay! awesome, congrats! what unit will you be on?
  5. by   RNjackie23
    CVICU...what about you?
  6. by   hes64
    Dickson Heart Unit? Me too!
  7. by   RNjackie23
    I PM'd you a question