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state laws re: cardiac telemetry monitoring - page 2

My hospital did away with telemetry monitoring techs recently and I'm concerned about patient safety and nurses legal liability when no one is watching the monitor. We are supposed to be checking it... Read More

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    Quote from puddlesrn
    Ok what do you guys think about this.... I work in a 12 bed ICU that is rarely full. We range between 3-6 pts a day. In this unit we also have 20 telemetries that the nurses are also responsible for. We are usually staffed w/ 2-3 RNs no unit clerk no nurses aid no telemetry tech. The nurses do Q 4 hr assessments Q 1 hrs vs. Are there any other hospitals that require their ICU nurses be responsible for the floor telemetries plus manage their pts too????
    I have never heard of such a thing. I'll be interested to see if this is becoming more commonplace.

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