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A Nurses Role in Health Care Reform

A Nurses Role in Health Care Reform

by mschau - Although I have not given much thought for whom I will be voting, there is one topic that is on all the candidates minds; healthcare. This is usually a very popular... Read More →

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Something of Value

by chadash - I have always wanted to enter an essay contest, but have the unfortunate dilemma of having nothing to say. But should that stop me? How much of life is... Read More →

We are all made of stars

by flightnurse2b - This is a paper I wrote a while ago for my Fundamentals class that I am really proud of and wanted to share. "What's wrong with death sir? What are we so... Read More →

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Pediatric Burn Case

by sanctuary - As a student nurse, I was assigned an 18 month old burned boy. My instructor thought that the extra care and attention might be helpful to getting fluids and the... Read More →

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Case Managing the Homeless and the Role of Community Health Workers

by jhoonk - Section I. Introduction This paper describes the case management process in providing Health Care for the Homeless (HCH). Brief introduction to... Read More →

Staff development and funding

by JBudd - Abstract This paper will discuss the wide range of duties found in staff development and nursing education departments, and the importance of funding these... Read More →

Reasons to be a Nurse

Reasons to be a Nurse

by corne - Some people where forced by their parents to become nurses because it's an opportunity to go to countries like UK, Canada, and USA. Some people see it as a... Read More →


by NurseKymba - Have you ever had a coworker die on you? Yes, really die while at work with you? I have, more than once. Each and every one of them stayed dead despite our best... Read More →

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Mental health in developing countries

by starbin - I grew up in a small village in South Asia where many people don't have access to basic healthcare. On top of that mental health is such an issue that nobody seeks... Read More →

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The Power of Ethical Wills

by rmw44 - Using Words That Heal The document he held in his hand read like a lawyer had charged him for more than time and effort. It was the beginning of healing and... Read More →

Defining Delegation: Managing Others

Defining Delegation: Managing Others

by classicdame - The Nurse Practice Act specifies expectations related to authority, responsibility and accountability. Ignorance of these expectations is not an excuse. Patient... Read More →

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The Good Doctor: What Hospice Has Taught Me

by tencat - At a casual gathering the question inevitably arises. “Where do you work?” I always hesitate to reply, knowing that my answer will most likely hang over the... Read More →

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Taking the person but leaving the body behind

by HeartsOpenWide - My grandfather was a brilliant man. Many children may say that they want to be a firefighter or an astronaut when they grow up, but not very many of them live up to... Read More →

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Health Care Relief - The Best Kept Secret

by 43RN20 - Just what is being done to support our nurses in the workplace? Is there something more to the story that we are not hearing? While attention has been focused... Read More →

How Far Have I Really Come?

by cmo421 - The first thought that comes to my mind is a quote from the bible, "When I was a child, I spoke like a child, thought like a child, and reasoned like a child. When... Read More →

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