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A letter to K.

by ElvishDNP - Recently I took care of a new mom postpartum after her second baby who took methadone for heroin addiction. She and her family taught me so much. I wrote her this... Read More →

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The Path

by End Game RN - The Path of smoke and ashes It was the end of Nurses' week 2007; I had just parked in the North garage and was heading toward the hospital. I walked down the... Read More →

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The Patients You Will Never Forget

by Bugaloo - Over the years, I have probably cared for thousands of patients. Most of them I don't remember, but there are a few who have stood out in my mind, for one reason or... Read More →

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Pickels and Elbows...

by mother/babyRN - Pickels and elbows…. “Get the hell out of my room!” That, more often than not, was the greeting I received from my ornery elderly patient David. He was so angry... Read More →

Along A Jetty - One Nurses Walk Through Parental Diagnosis And Death

by mother/babyRN - Caravanning single file over a roughly hewn stone breakwater, mom, dad and I embark on a journey in my dreams. Unaffected by the waves slapping against the... Read More →

The Sweet Old Man in Room 724...

The Sweet Old Man in Room 724...

by mother/babyRN - One can forever discuss the unmistakable magnificence of mountains or sunsets, or millions of other unforgettable miraculous occurrences. So many moments we take... Read More →

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

by andre - One of my assigned patients is dying of metastatic liver cancer. I was told in report, "he's full of mets". The day before I took care of him, Hospice was... Read More →

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Hospice Career

by vwevans - I have been a Nurse for 27 years. That seems like so many years, especially if you are a new graduate nurse. Yet, for me, the years have passed very fast. Many... Read More →

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The language of pain

by squeakykitty - Years ago in my high school P.E. class, I jumped down off some bleachers and sprained my ankle really bad. I sat there holding my ankle and was face was somewhat... Read More →

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Daily Profile of a Student Nurse

Daily Profile of a Student Nurse

by gemini_star - She wakes up almost everyday at 5 am to prepare our breakfast and her snacks while getting ready for hospital duty at 7 am. It is such a wonder how she looks so... Read More →

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Beginings and Endings

Beginings and Endings

by End Game RN - Through the glazed windows of my soul I watch as the scene played out before my eyes. I stood quietly observing the final hours of my patient and her family. ... Read More →

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War Veterans...

by psalm - In my five years as a registered nurse I have met many interesting patients. Some occupy my memory because of their convoluted medical histories and diagnoses;... Read More →

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Putting the Hospitality Back In Hospital

Putting the Hospitality Back In Hospital

by Tait - "Please tell us your name, hometown, reason for joining the nursing program and clinical experience. Maria, let's start with you." "Maria Sanchez, Milwaukee, WI,... Read More →

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The Last Bag of Pretzels

by Irish339 - Most of us run away from the dying. I spent 17 years in the ER fighting death. Death was our enemy. We posted statistics on the board at night. ER 5,... Read More →

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I Hate You - Heart Attack! Never Assume A Nurse Knows Everything.

by mother/babyRN - Barely six weeks following the birth of our first child, my husband had a heart attack. It was completely unexpected and occurred just before he was due to go out... Read More →

That's My Girl!

by 4nrn - That’s my girl! Ruben Frank (not real name) rose this morning, as he does every morning, to the sound of rustling bed covers, running water and squeaking... Read More →

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Saying Goodbye

by walk6miles - SAYING GOODBYE I don’t know about you, but I never spent much time worrying about losing my family members; I just went happily about my business, trusting that... Read More →

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Common Problems With Breastfeeding

Common Problems With Breastfeeding

by HeartsOpenWide - "So often in nursing school we have to write these papers that often come out sounding like an astute textbook. Confusing facts to the lay person, big words,... Read More →

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