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One World

by mariel7 - My first love was writing. This I discovered during intermediate school. Looking back, I think the reason for this was that growing up in a big family, and I... Read More →

Patients who have changed our lives, good or bad

by kharyn77 - May 13, 2002. A patient was wheeled into a private room accompanied by a female companion named chona. She was 23 years old about to turn 24 a month after. She was... Read More →

Bruce and Ethel

by TopazLover - Bruce and Ethel It seems like I have been a nurse forever but two patients stand out who quietly taught me about the real spirit of the human being in the... Read More →

A Path of Learning

by dianah - After many years as an RN, I do recall three memorable patient encounters that impacted my life and changed how I practice nursing. Over 30 years ago, I was a... Read More →

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It'll be Alright. God's with them.

It'll be Alright. God's with them.

by RecoveringKite - About 2 years ago I was working in an local CCU in Baltimore. This was a very dark time in my life. My 23 year marriage had broken up over a cheating husband. I had... Read More →

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Midas' Touch

by hollyhockstorm - daughter had a hard time enunciating that word word that touches a heart, tries a tear, gives a lump in the throat. As we walked from... Read More →

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The Human Spirit

by NotReady4PrimeTime - There have been many patients over the years who have taught me something, about nursing, about critical care, about myself, about the human spirit. Each one has... Read More →

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This Is Intensive Medical Care!

by walk6miles - Has this happened to you? You walk into the nurse’s lounge, get your assignment; head out the door for report only to be told that you are getting a third patient... Read More →

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by nightmare - Imagine You wake up slowly, open your eyes and……where am I? Four white walls, white door, brown door…….This is not my bedroom; where is the chest of... Read More →

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Patients who have changed my life

by BelleKat - Early in my career as a Burn Nurse I met a patient who along with his family impressed me beyond words. My pt was an independent contractor who accidentally... Read More →

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One Patient that changed my life

by Ms Kylee - She was evil. The devil incarnate. Meaner than a rattlesnake. She had active MRSA, dementia, and was in for cellulitis. She threw four nurses, the Physical... Read More →

Reflections of a New Grad

by la bellota - I had always felt that I had it in me to be a nurse. I had the heart. I had the courage. I had the brain. I thought I might have the stamina. A few months into... Read More →

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Patients Who Have Changed Our Lives

Patients Who Have Changed Our Lives

by Lia~PasteL - Two years ago, we had this clinical rotation in the intensive care department of our local hospital. We were assigned to our patients for two weeks. There was this... Read More →

The Chick Project

by wishiwereanurse - (I took this from my diary, written last April of 2004, during my first year in nursing school) The Deformed Chick This morning I was feeling a bit... Read More →

A Lesson And Story - Human Nature At Its Best

A Lesson And Story - Human Nature At Its Best

by vadushkas_nurse - VALUABLE LESSON LEARNED FROM PATIENTS I have learned over time how important it is to actually LISTEN to patients and their closely tied visitors. It is these... Read More →

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Lest We Forget

by UM Review RN - i was in the process of discharging a patient. i thanked the patient and the family for being so wonderful and helpful to the staff. it was true; the whole... Read More →

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by FranEMTnurse - A nurse named Florence Nightengale, worked in a hospital where tuberculosis ran rampant. Nothing the medical professionals did solved the excalating number of... Read More →

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Forgetful Nurses and Older Moments

by mother/babyRN - :Forgetful Moments and Older Nurses… Getting older in nursing is just like getting older in real life. Sometimes it’s worse. It can be worse because not... Read More →

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