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That Day in the ER

by Ms Kylee - I reported to clinical on time, and then went down to the ER to check in with the nurses. I had been here before, and knew most of my time would be spent walking... Read More →

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Delight Thyself Nursing School at Last

by Daisykay - Delight Thyself LPN SCHOOL FINALLY! Psalms 37:4 “Delight thyself in the Lord and HE will give you the desires of your heart.” The strength and... Read More →

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Story: CNA rags to CNA riches!

by degraypoole - Critical Care leads CNA to Nursing Degree Gift! I'm a CNA, at the bottom of the nursing profession's "totem pole"! My last assignment was as a 24/7... Read More →

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Tips for Surviving Nursing: The Trauma of caring

by sandygator - I'm pretty sure my first post here was maybe in a newly recovering addict. After 34 years in this profession, mostly in PICU and nearly 98% pediatrics, I... Read More →

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Fight Nursing Stress Through Inspiration

Fight Nursing Stress Through Inspiration

by Nurse_Advocate - In other words, as nurses we see the terrible effects of disease on the human body and the human spirit. And sometimes it's easy to slip into focusing only on the... Read More →

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Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward

by faltura - Maybe now is when you step up to help someone near you at work that would genuinely benefit from a little assistance. You could be the one to lend a helping hand to... Read More →

Tip for General Nursing: Remembering the Person within the Patient

by sst73 - Often we overlook the most important aspect of our careers as nurses. In my observation of nurses dealing with patients on a day-in/day-out basis I have become... Read More →

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Gringo's Question

by General E. Speaking, RN - Gringo’s Question The decision to further my education and become a Registered Nurse (R. N.) has affected my life in ways I would have never imagined.... Read More →

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A Day In ER

by ms.t - March 29, 2008 It was my usual day in the emergency room of a highly specialized hospital in the Philippines. Since I’m still new in the area, was the one... Read More →

Significant Others Requesting Euthanasia

Significant Others Requesting Euthanasia

by namzy - Four years ago, before I got admitted to a nursing school, I went to hospital at Intensive Care Unit with my uncle to to visit his friend who was involved in a road... Read More →

Putting A Face On Mental Illness: A Personal Story

by Bugaloo - I was just a baby when my mother's little brother, Bob, tried to take his own life. He was 18. My grandpa was the one who found him, lying unconscious in a haze... Read More →

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How can she take that...

by sarahrain - I vividly remembered a case that touched the bottom of my heart when I was a nursing student posted in ICU. It was at 3am that the patient, a young... Read More →

Till We Meet Again

by TiaKay - It seemed like it was going to be just another usual Sunday night on our med/surg floor where I work as a tech prior to starting nursing school in the fall. A 3-11... Read More →

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Seeing the letters 'RN' with new eyes

by SillyStudent - Not too long ago, I signed my name as "RN" for the first time. I felt like a kid in a candy store. I mentioned it to one of my co-workers, right after I did it.... Read More →

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Positive Reinforcement for the nurse and the Nursing Student

Positive Reinforcement for the nurse and the Nursing Student

by nurse grace RN - I had a great day and couldn't wait to come back... This was so awesome and I was a NURSE! Well, guess what? Reality soon settled in and all of a sudden I... Read More →

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My Litttle Blue Nursing Bag

by - Everyday when I leave for work, I pack my little blue bag. It is nothing special, just clear on one side, blue on the other and a zipper on the top. In it I have my... Read More →

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Tips for Human Nursing

by vadushkas_nurse - The list of things that I would share with new staff or those that may have forgotten why they became a nurse. :p REALLY LISTEN AND REFLECT, THEN YOU WILL... Read More →

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How to Command Respect

How to Command Respect

by 43RN20 - How do nurses respond when they find themselves in the disfavor of a physician? What can nurses do to command the respect of the physicians that they work with? Why... Read More →

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