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RPN Jobs in the GTA

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    Does any one know of any RPN job openings for new graduates? I graduated in October 2010 and have been looking for a job ever since but no sucess yet. any info would be appreciated.
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    You may have better luck posting in the Canadian Forum. Have you searched online? wowjobs.ca, workopolis.com and ca.indeed/RPNjobs has some listings.
    Runnymeade Health Care Centre has RPN postings on their site and Bridgepoint Health has some openings.
    Good luck
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    Are you signed up with HFO's new grad program? When I was still in Toronto looking for an RN position last year, there were more postings for RPNs than RNs on their site. Also try indeed.com and set up a job alert.
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    Thanks Lori and Joanna. I have check daily indeed.ca and have applied for several jobs and not even an interview. I saw that posting at Runnymede and will apply.

    Thanks ladies