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  1. by   seewhiterabbit
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  2. by   TigRN
    Boy can I relate with the child. My ex and I are thinking about putting my daughter into therapy as well. She unfortunately is just like her mom in many things [the bad ones ] It's hard - I was listening to a show where they were saying that children and antidepressants is basically running wild and that it is so very common..... I often wonder what is going on.. I would rather see a child in counseling as having pills stuffed down their throught unless there was a real need like in mine and Sphynix' situations
  3. by   barefootlady
    Have just found out that 13 year old family member has been DX as depressed, with suicidial tendency, ie, self mutilation. Am scared to death that she will not receive the help she needs and the support from family. Zoloft has been started and counseling. Hope this is a good start. Thanks for this interesting posting.
  4. by   TigRN
    BFL -
    Hopefully she has a "good" Psych doctor..... I bounced around for more years than I want to admit and lost a large part of my teen years and adulthood because they thought I was just "depressed". They knew about my suicidal ideations and my self mutilization -- I always got some "new" antidepressant out there that worked for a time and then I felt I didn't need it anymore. I finally asked one if I could be Bipolar - and could I try Lithium. I think to apease me he prescribed it but didn't take it very seriously so never got me to a therapuetic dose. That was 10 years ago Now I have a fabulous doctor who has me diagnosed, explained why and how and for the most part have felt the best I ever have.

    I wish and your family the best of luck -- prayers and blessings