RN w/PhD in Medical Ethics and 20+ yrs exp in Women's Health

  1. I have a relatively new PhD in Medical Ethics/Medical Humanities, long experience in Women's Heath (high risk OB, L&D, etc.) and Education, with forays into Medical-Legal Consulting and high-risk perinatal home health care. Am looking for a position as an educator, either clinical in a hospital or in the academic realm. Would prefer to teach ethics but am very willing to start with OB and work on from there. Anyone with any ideas?
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  3. by   kayzag
    elisabetha: I am interested in obtaining a PhD in bioethics. What program did you attend and where are the job opportunities? I have same background as you but I am currently in an MSN/FNP program but considering a PhD in bioethics. kayzag@mailexcite.com