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  1. I live in North Dakota. Rather than contact the licensing bureau in each state, I'm putting it out here- ND has a 5-year forgiveness law for misdemeanors, i.e. simple assault domestic. I'd like to hear what people from other states who've had to face this have found. I'd appreciate replies in case I decide to do traveling nursing or to move. Thank you.
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  3. by   CraigB-RN
    You still have to contact each state, they are all different. Unless it's a crime of Moral Turpatude, the farther out from the conviction you are, the more leanient they are going to be. Some states don't have a specific time, others do. And when it comes to your license you should never trust any information you get here, you MUST go to the source and talk to the BON.

    The bad news is that some of them won't tell you much till you apply.