RN/DON working with a lapsed Ohio license...

  1. 0 State surveyors made their annual visit to our facility last week and discovered our new DON (for the past four months) has knowingly been working on a lapsed license. She was immediately suspended pending an investigation and was subsequently fired. What other penalties/charges/fines will she and our facility face???
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    She will probably get a letter of reprimand and I bet she has a hard time finding another job. Why didn't she renew her license?

    Not sure about the facility - you may get a "tag"
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    I think it depends on why she "knowingly" did not renew her license and who at your facility "knew" this.
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    I know a Nurse who "forgot" to renew her license for 4 years. The employer didn't catch it either. All she had to do was visit the BON and take 35 CEUs. Each state is different, but I doubt much will come of it.

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