Pt. being forced to sig form or dropped

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    Hello I'm new to you all but have 30 + years in Nursing. I have a background in Federal Corrections
    I recently saw my attending for medical problem from nursing, T1 Latex, heart and lung problems.

    this vist strated like all others today the office nurse handed me a form and says fill it out and sign it.
    It is called a Control Substance Form. I have never seen one befor but have to say I thought I just walked into a drug program.

    The thing start out with you need to sign and if you don't sign you will be fired as a pt and the local police contacted!! There was also a place where if you were called into the office by the staff for a **** test or blood draw of pill count you must be there with in 24 hr or the police will be called. All test will me on you
    The last one say I wave my right!!!! the doc can talk to anyone family or others about any signs of abuse.

    at anything a urine or blood test should show + for illegal drugs the police will be contacted

    Well I got oeed off and refused to sign. I an also a Federal Law Enforcement Agent and have my background checked every 5 years as does the wife. Sent some of the form to TBNE they dont handle Clinics. knew they dont haddle Federal agency so what do they handle.

    This bugs me in 2 ways 1st as a RN how can we allow this to happen to or pts. We are to stand up for them. everyone is being givin the form no matter age so a 5 year old needs this?

    2nd for me the pt. I understand there are many Seekers out there we have all seen them. I have not had a change in med for 10 years yes I take Xanx .5 bid prn after I was beat badly in a Mac unit. and ambean 10 nites out of 30
    Is this the norm for out on the streets now if so I have to say Federal i/m do get better us than most of us.

    I dont feel giving up any right is a good thing. there are laws in place that cover CS they just dont enforce them. Help me out here it this our current mode of care to or pts or not ans if not point me in the way to get some help as I will not sing and already have been see the dark side of this
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    Wow. From the sound of this Controlled Substance Form, people who use or abuse controlled substances are being deterred from seeking services with this Medical Provider. It may be a case of killing a nat with a bat. Or, perhaps it was simply the best solution the Provider could come up with in the problem-solving process. It does make one wonder: What was the problem?

    It's difficult to understand why an individual found to have a therapeutic need for controlled substances would not be allowed the same rights of confidentiality as any other.

    Perhaps an more indepth enquiry needs to take place if a relationship with this Provider would continue.

    Well, here's to finding a Provider who is more open and understanding. And won't give out sensitive information to Law Officials in order to arrest individuals for utilizing controlled substances therapeutically.

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    What do you expect; it's the feds. Big Brother is here and virtually in your bathroom, bedroom etc... I don't know how it is in your state but where I am they almost literally fingerprint you for anything over a schedule IV.

    It certainly has gotten out of hand.
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    I was just thinking....Do you want to edit your post to take out your identifying information? Otherwise, everyone is going to know what meds you are on.

    As to the post, I think it's crazy, and I would never sign such a thing.
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    You said these problems were caused by nursing...was this a workers comp visit? Is so, that's pretty much the standard routine. If not, I'm never heard of a PCP doing that routinely, especially before the patient is seen by an RN or MD.
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    First of all I need to tell you that I found your post difficult to read with the many spelling and grammar issues, as well as just a generally hard-to-follow flow to the post.

    I think that any facility should be able to do drug testing at any time. Having worked in a detox center I know very well that anyone can end up addicted. I personally don't have an issue with this. Yes, I do understand that you, and likely others, may be taking prescribed medications that are controlled. Generally, if you are able to provide documentation from the prescribing physician that explains what you are currently being prescribed they should not have an issue, as long as you are taking it legally. With a urine dip you only get a + or - for each drug class/type, but with a blood tox screen you get a breakdown with actual drug levels. The prescribed controlled substances that you report taking would be submitted to the lab as well, sometimes with the dose. The lab techs can tell what would be a normal, expected level of a drug for a given prescribed dose.

    If you are not abusing drugs random drug testing should not be that big of a deal. All the hospitals I worked in had a standing policy that they could do random testing. Not a big deal.
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    I have seen consents like this, usually in pain management clinics. The docs will drop patients that are repeat offenders who obtain additional meds from other docs. But I don't think I've seen one that threatens involving police.
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    I think you'd be wise to edit your name and other identifying info.
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    When I first read the OP, I was taken aback and thought the form was outrageous. But re-reading it and some of the comments made by previous responders ... I am wondering what type of office this is. Is this a Worker's Comp. issue? ... or a pain management clinic? ... or a pain management visit?

    I can see that the form would be reasonable is some circumstances -- and the OP doesn't give enough information for me to tell what the OP's circumstances are.
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    I see these forms frequently from pain management clinics, but never from a PCP. I agree the post is very hard to read.

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