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Private duty forum???

  1. 0 What has happened to the private duty forum? It used to be a sub-forum of home health, which I thought was a good placement for it. Then it was briefly its own separate forum. And now it is just gone. Where is it? Private duty is a very unique area of nursing with its own unique issues. PD nurses need a forum. Hope it re-appears.
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    I also noticed it is only accessible by using a link to a thread that happens to appear on the current threads list. I added it to my favorites in order to have access, but it never showed up on my favorites list, although when I am in the forum it shows as being in my favorites at the top of the forum.
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    sorry about that. Here it is:

    We are doing some behind-the-scenes work and we appreciate you bringing this to our attention.

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    Thank you.