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PCU at Coral Springs Medical Center

  1. 0 Hello fellow nurses,

    I am a new nurse who has spend the last 6 months in an Oncology floor, which is super stressful. An opportunity came up for me to work in PCU at Coral Springs Medical Center.
    Hopefully someone that works there will read this and give me some answers.
    My questions are:

    - How many patients do you get in the day shift?
    - How is the nursing manager?
    - How stressful is it to work there?
    - Are you happy there?

    I appreciate any and all inputs. It will help me make a very important decision.
    Thanks to all.

    someone who's trying to be a happy nurse!!
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    I do not think Coral Springs medical center is a good place to work, just my opinion. The staff members are rude there is no teamwork among nurses, if you are like me you will never be happy there. All the best