Organizing Clean & Dirty Utility Rooms

  1. I am in charge of setting up the clean and dirty utility rooms for a new ASC (surgery center). DOes anyone have anything I can refernece to for help? I need to write the policy & procedure for these areas. I need to know what goes in which room, where do you put the autoclave? What is the flow of instrument sterilization? The staff are arguing which room the sterilizer is in. Thanks
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  3. by   jendavo
    Dear LHawkins,

    I am not a nurse. I am an Architect. Here is a good source from Australia that I would use as a basic guideline for different rooms, inlcuding clean and dirty utility rooms. There are both layouts and written schedules RDS (fancy for room data sheets). In other sections there are the policies which will probably differ in America (is that where you are?) but we have pretty up to date practices in Australia too.


    It should be used as a starting point.

    Hope that helps.