Orem self care

  1. Does someone know where i can find information about Orem self care regarding cancer treatment .
    I mean an Example how to treat cancer according Orem theory
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  3. by   markbeer
    Hi talielazar

    A couple of starting points could be http://members.aol.com/annmrn/nursin...o_I_index.html

    or what about the Self-Care Deficit Nursing Theory Mailing List??

    To subscribe to the SCDNT Discussion List, send the following information:

    TO: listproc@lists.missouri.edu

    In the body of the message type:

    subscribe SCDNT yourfirstname yourlastname

    more details at http://www.muhealth.org/~nursing/scdnt/scdnt.html

    Hope this may be of some use??

    Regards [img]/bb/smile.gif[/img]

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