One night, 22 pts, 5 codes!!! One night, 22 pts, 5 codes!!! | allnurses

One night, 22 pts, 5 codes!!!

  1. 0 So, we had a rough night. One guy coded right @ shift change, 2hrs later another guy coded. @ 0100 a lady coded and aspirated a load of uknowwhat. Just when we thought we had gone over the hump, a guy we'd been monitoring his BP & O2 sats all noc decided it was his turn and then @ 0400 when we getting ready to do am stuff and catch up with the charting, we code another guy. And it wasn't even a full moon!!!
    All this while doing 3 admissions, i&o caths Q2 on 2 people, mg+, K+ protocols and all the good stuff that come with nursing.
    I am so thankful that we had a great team in last night because it could have been worse.
    By 0700, we were so ready to get to the door.
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    only consolation in days like this are the next day HAS to be better
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    I am soo sorry, that sounds like the night from he$$!! Hope things get better!! :icon_hug:
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    How many different code carts did you have or need for this? How were you able to restock the meds and supplies so quickly between each code?

    Please excuse my ignorance....acute/ICU/Tele care is not my forte.......

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    You need some beer and eggs after a night like that one! Followed by some sleep and a trip to the spa. Jeez louise.
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    I am suprised that you still got off at 7am. I probably would have been there until 10, trying to catch up on paperwork.
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    Wow, you guys are really something!! Those patients are so lucky to be on a floor with a team like that. I hope all of your codes were successful.
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    Glad you ALL made it through.
    May I ask what your staffing was on your shift and the preceeding one. Just curious.
    Get some rest!
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    Hugs to you!!!:icon_hug::icon_hug:
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    Hope you are able to rest. Wow you got a workout!
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    Quote from Indy
    You need some beer and eggs after a night like that one! Followed by some sleep and a trip to the spa. Jeez louise.
    Let's try a really nice brunch with omelets and some really serious mimosas/bellini's.