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The nursing profession, as a whole, as well as the role of the nurse have evolved dramatically over the past several decades. I personally have witnessed the changing face of nursing during my 30+ years in the profession. Gone... Read More

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    When you accidentally dropped one of these, they certainly didn't bounce. What a mess.....and everyone heard it shatter.

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    Quote from CrazierThanYou
    I have a picture taken at our local hospital in the 70's. The nurses sitting around in their white, smoking cigarettes. I love that picture!
    Smoking like drinking (which obviously one didn't do on duty) was everywhere post WWII as you can see from films of the period.

    Some blame is assigned to the military who issued tons of free or low cost cigarettes to servicemen (and one assumes service women as well) for various reasons. The war era for the first time was when many women began to smoke in great numbers, especially in public. Until then it was reserved for "fast" women. Truthfully both public drinking of booze and to an extent smoking for women began to take up speed during the era of Prohibition and with it "Speak-Easies".

    Right up until the late 1980's or so you couldn't get away from smokers in hospital or other facilities. Patients smoked in their rooms, lounges, restrooms, etc. Doctors, nurses and other staff smoked wherever they wished (nurse's station, lounges, physican's offices/lounges, etc..) about the only place one was in theory safe from the stuff was where O2 was being used.

    In mental hospitals/physc wards smoking was seen as something that helped clam patients down.

    Things began to change both when the apparent health risks started to gain more traction and when local laws began to prohibit smoking in the workplace.
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    Thermometers had real mercury in them

    wound dressings - egg white and oxygen or hydrochloric peroxide are what I remember the most

    back rounds every 4 hours and full skin assessment done at this time and rubbing of red areas

    This was in the UK
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    One of my profs said they used to do surgery on premie babies without anesthesia because science thought they couldn't feel pain! She used this as an example of that they'll teach us lots of stuff in school but we must keep re-examining ideas and learning.
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    "Nurses had to calculate the drip rate using the second hand on their watch and a roller clamp to regulate the flow"

    Knowing how to manually (or mentally) calcuate drip rates and regulate flow is skill that IMHO all nurses should know and keep keen upon. You never know where your practice will take you and or under what conditions you will be nursing.

    Everthing from terrorist attacks and natural disasters to simply a poorly run facility, you'll never know when you're going to be short of even absent of pumps and going to have to go "old school".
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    Nursery Nursing IRELAND 1983

    Starched veils that peaked above our head.

    No make up , hair showing or any jewelry

    Mandatory slip under uniform

    Gentian violet to treat thrush mouth

    Putting jars of table salt into hot bath to clean wounds

    Folding bed linen,nappies (cloth diapers )in the sluice room

    Standing in as God-mother if pt needed baptized ( Hospital was run by nuns,)

    3weeks on straight (12 hr days ) 1 week off

    Pay 100 (Irish ) pounds a month equivalent to about $150 where we had to say "Thank you so much Sister "
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    I remember, for clinical, we used to wear the white Clinic Nursing shoes. After I polished my shoes the night before, I would dip the white shoelaces in Clorox, to get them white! We were inspected in the morning before we went out on the wards!

    Lindarn, RN, BSN, CCRN
    Somewhere in the PACNW
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    Ah yes..........Clinic brand shoes. I remember them well.
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    Quote from tnbutterfly

    Ah yes..........Clinic brand shoes. I remember them well.
    Were they comfy?
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    Quote from CrazierThanYou
    Were they comfy?
    Yes they were and they lasted forever, at least through 4 years of nursing school.
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