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Nursing Symposium Worth It?

  1. 0 Hello everyone!

    I was thinking about attending the Nursing 2013 symposium in Las Vegas. Is is worthwhile?

    I'm a new RN; graduated 6/11, working in an endoscopy center and an ASC since 12/11. If I do go, I'll be able to split costs with a former classmate. I'm not sure how many of the CE's will pertain to my area of work, but I love to learn.

    I'd really appreciate your thoughts or reviews of their offerings.

    p.s. I really want to go on the CE cruise to Alaska, but I can't afford that this year!
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    I was wondering the same thing for the symposium in Las Vegas 2014. I am moving there to be close to family this summer, and wondered if there are any networking opportunities while attending.
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    I'm interested in it but because I'm back in school for my BSN, I won't be able to go. Some employers will pay for you to go...I wish mine would!