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Nursing Survey "Preferred Nursing Leadership Style"

  1. 0 Calling All Registered Nurses in the United States:

    Dear Colleagues:
    You are all invited to participate in a research project being conducted by a student of Western Governors University. The student is currently working towards the achievement of a Master of Science in Nursing- Leadership, and Management. The aim of the research is to determine the "Preferred Nursing Management and Leadership Style" of registered nurses in the hospital setting.

    The research consists of a short survey questionnaire; its completion is estimated at 5-10 minutes from start to finish. The survey will be available for seven (7) days via the link provided at

    In addition, if you could be so kind as to forward the link to others and/or spread the information about this post to others through the link it would be greatly appreciated.
    The survey is completely anonymous and confidential.

    Thank you so much in advance,

    Your Very Appreciative Colleague
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    I'm just bumping this. I took the survey and it was quick and easy. I also liked that it gave me a chance to write a free-form comment at the end.
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    Thank you!!!!
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    I agree with llg, easy peasy.
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    Thank you!
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    No reason NOT to do this one...quick and painless
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    Yes ... and I also greatly appreciate that the student seems to have gone through all the proper steps/channels in the planning and posting of this research project. In particular, she seems to have considered all the "IRB" issues and also has used the proper Allnurses forum to ask to recruit participants for her projects. Such "good behavior" deserves our support. So I am bumping it again in the hopes of catching some of our weekend participants.
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    Thank you, ALL!!
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    Thank you ALL!! Your participation is greatly appreciated!
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    Anything to help a fellow WGUer!
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    Thank you! The survey will end today at 7 pm eastern standard time. Thanks Again WGUer!!

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