Nurses, what will your vote be?

  1. just a quick fun poll to see how the members are in line with the "official polls".

    so cast your vote!

    please cast your vote only, please do not post replies, as i do not want this to turn into a political discussion thread, just a poll. (all replies will be deleted) thanks

    please note: you need to be a registered forum member to cast your vote. this is a separate registration than our email newsletter. click here to register
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  2. Poll: What is your vote for US President?

    • Bush (US Citizen)

      49.40% 123
    • Kerry (US Citizen)

      45.38% 113
    • Nader (US Citizen)

      0.80% 2
    • Bush (non-US Citizen)

      1.61% 4
    • Kerry (non-US Citizen)

      2.81% 7
    • Nader (non-US Citizen)

      0% 0
    249 Votes
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