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Nurses week promotions!

  1. 0 Happy Nurses week!!! I thought it would be nice to share some of the free stuff we can get this week. I'll start cinnabon is giving away buns with ID. Anyone know of anything else?
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    haha there have been so many views on this post, but no deals
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    happy nurses' week to you all! I've heard of Davids Tea giving a free tea with hospital ID
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    A pair of socks and some brownies in a big tub from no frills Seriously the evening shift gets the short end on nurses week
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    Try being on nights!

    Why do they even bother with Nurses Week? We no longer get a pen or flashlight, the breakfast is only held once and is now muffins and juice and fruit that looks like it was taken of patient trays.

    I'd rather they cancel it than pretend to be thrilled by it.

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