Nurses and Technology Information Quiz

  1. Hello to All,

    I am an MSN student in Measurement and Evaluation course. This course is designed to prepare nurse educators to develop reliable, and valid testing tools in order to assess and evaluate the students learning.
    I would like the nursing population to take this 10 min. quiz and answer to the best of your knowledge.

    Please comment if you are a generic, BSN, or MSN prepared nurse.

    I ask because I am not sure if the questions match a generic, BSN or MSN programs.

    No IP addresses will be collected and all responses are confidential.

    Follow the link to the test program and please leave me feedback...
    Thanks to All!
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  3. by   rneducator456
    Hello to all,
    Please reply to this quiz at the following link:
    The other link has been closed

    Thank you! :typing