NTI 2016 - Oh the characters we shall meet....

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  2. We are into our second day at NTI 2016 in New Orleans, LA. So far, the weather has been wonderful - nice and warm and the sun is even shining at the moment. A far cry from the dreary central Illinois sky I left behind.

    This is the 9th year I’ve attended NTI and as always there are just some memorable people. Here are a few I’ve met so far. The names have been changed to protect the innocent… me in this case!

    Belle - badge lady. When we first arrived, there was some confusion as to what kind of badge we needed in order to go and do what we wanted to do. Never fear, Belle could help us. After a couple of false starts and a ream of paper….we had the proper badge. Belle was fantastically calm and patient with our attempts to explain exactly what we needed and wanted.

    Then, we proceeded to the exhibition hall… STOP! Annie, the tiny but mighty security lady was there guarding the entrance to all that is NTI: free pens, very cool tech toys and lots of new innovative machines to discover. However, once we obtained the proper badge (see above - lol), onward and upward we went or in this case, thru the black taped off entryway we went.

    Inside, from floor to ceiling are displays from such giants as Zoll, Medtronic, Elsevier, and many others displaying their wares for eager nurse eyes. All is quiet at the moment but come 1030 on Tuesday….the floodgates will open and 8000 nurses will literally run into the hall seeking the latest information on the latest tech advances, the most up to date educational opportunities and of course, some will be searching for a new career.

    Of course, we ran into NotReady4PrimeTime too - she is just the neatest lady! She is presenting on a topic of Drug Overdoses in the PICU. The Agony of Ecstasy in PICU and Other Tales… a Play in 3 Acts - 2016 NTI Session is her first installment. NR4PT is from Canada and is a very experienced peds ICU RN. And….she has a wicked sense of humor. AN staffers always look forward to meeting with her, catching up with life and listening to her stories. She recently took part in redesigning the entire PICU and CV Peds ICU also. And...a little known fact, she recently won a fantastic award for some suggestions on how to improve PICU care at her facility. If you get a chance to hear her speak, please do so.

    As I was standing around today, I met a USN veteran, now a retiree who was here at NTI as an attendee. He served for 20 years as a trauma/transport RN “all over the place.” He was extremely interesting to talk to and showcases the variety at NTI. He currently works for the VA and cares for our veterans. As a USN vet myself, I salute you Sir and thank you for your service.

    So...that's who I have met so far… what interesting characters have you met? Share with us….
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    This poor chap lost some body parts.

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    Our Canadian neighbors are here at NTI too...

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    Just excited to be at NTI 2016 New Orleans...

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    Proud allnurses.com members...
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    We're at NTI-2016 and came across the original designer of a patient mobility device from Firefly. He used threads from allnurses.com to get advice for his design concept. That's so cool!

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    An allnurses.com staffer decided to have some fun. Guess who it is?

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    Quote from traumaRUs
    An allnurses.com staffer decided to have some fun. Guess who it is?


    I know who this is.
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    WHO IS IT???
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    Quote from Farawyn
    WHO IS IT???
    Enlarge the image and look very closely. Which "Staffers" attended NTI??

    You can do it, Far!
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    Quote from traumaRUs
    An allnurses.com staffer decided to have some fun. Guess who it is?

    Who says you can't have fun at NTI?!
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    I hope to go next year!
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    Quote from thevez17
    I hope to go next year!
    Hope to see you there, thevez17.