New Job as a Nurse Extern

  1. 0 I start my orientation for my job as a nurse extern ( Nurse aide ) next week and am very excited! I think this will be an excellent opportunity for me seeing as I am currently in nursing school and graduate in 3 semesters! I am in the float pool and am prn! Any tips or advice before I start?
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    Loved my externship in the ED! Only six spots granted each year. Great learning experience.

    Congrats on being selected!
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    Be sure you know what the nurse practice act in your state (if USA) allows you to do. In Texas a nurse extern does not have a scope of practice and can only perform duties same as any unlicensed, but trained, person can do. In other words, like a CNA. Even with RN supervision their is probably a cap on what you can do legally. Good luck and learn lots!

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