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needle too short for flu vaccine?

  1. 0 I'm a new nurse. I had a really busy day at work. While I was in the middle of doing so many things I think I used the wrong needle to give a flu vaccine. Ugh why did I do it!? I realized afterward that I used the 23 guage 1 inch needle I believe. I gave the flu vaccine with 23 gauge 1 inch needle to a husband and wife. /we use this needle on kids usually. The husband barely had any meat on his bones while the wife easily had atleast 1-2 inches of fat on her arms. im freaking out. what will happen to them if the needle is too short?? is this oK? or will there be serious issues??
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    chill kiddo. Nothing is going to happen to them.
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    I regularly give IMs to adults with a 1 inch needle, particularly in people who don't have a lot of padding, particularly when using the deltoid site. There shouldn't be a problem.
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    There is a commercial on tv advertising the flu shot with a short needle... Can't recall the name though.
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    a 5/8" needle can even be used on many people for a deltoid.
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    If it's in her arm it will be absorbed and metabolized.
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    Sounded like an OK needle size for them.
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    I looked it up on the CDC website today and they recommend a 1 to 1.5 inch needle in adults but said a 5/8 inch could be used. So you are good!.
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    I always use 23g 1inch needles for flu and pneumonia vaccines.