Need sample narcotic/shift log

  1. Can someone out there send me a sample or copy of a narcotic log; the one where we sign that the narc count is correct for each shift? See my earlier post regarding signing for narcs....Thanks!!!
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  3. by   FLArn
    This form does not need to be elaborate. It needs to have heading indicating the facility and unit. The body of form needs to have 4 columns - date, time, signature of nurse counting off and signature of nurse counting on. It is easily generated by any spreadsheet program. Hope this helps.
  4. by   loriangel14
    Our med carts have a log sheet with all the drugs listed and running total for each. When we count we fill out a "count" line in red pen and we both sign at the end.
  5. by   celticwoman61
    When you say a running total, are all the various narcs listed? I can't quite picture what you are telling me.