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Need a team name for the Electric Run!

  1. 0 Three friends and I are running the Electric Run in Philly this July, and we need a creative team name! For those of you unaware, the Electric Run is similar to the Color Run, except that it is completed at night with a bunch of neon/LED light displays instead of colored powder.

    To give some background, our team consists of:
    A CNA who works in LTC
    An RN who works in MSICU
    An RN who works in the OR
    An RN who works on a cardiac med-surg unit

    Anyone have any clever ideas?

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    I..C..U Running came to mind
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    "I'm clear, you're clear, we're all clear"
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    "We're gonna rock on to Electric Avenue"
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    Quote from jadelpn
    "We're gonna rock on to Electric Avenue"
    Thanks, now I have that song in my head! 80s flashback! Ha!
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    GLOW GIRLS. Think neon colors.
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    Collective Electrics

    Glare Care

    Provider Gliders

    Stunner Runners

    Shock Crocs

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