Monthly Summaries

  1. I have just started a job back into the nursing field after having a baby. The nursing home I am at does not have a standardized form that they use to aide in writing monthly summaries. Does anyone have ideas on how to start a form for this??
    At this time, they make individual entries in the pages of the nursing notes each week-
    so if you want to read the monthly summary, there is 4 different entries to read, and you have to search through the pages of the nursing notes to find them.
    This seems pretty silly when I know that other homes have forms that they use to do monthly summaries. If you have any ideas to help me with this, I'd greatly appreciate it.
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  3. by   nursebeady
    Actually there is a book you can order forms from for the long term acute settings. Since for the most part HFCA regulates the pace is really a no brainer.

    The company is Briggs and you can find it on line.