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  1. I need hospital position now. I have been a RN since 1992, nurse since 1989. I have worked in the hospital, public health, and home health. Unfortunately I have been in home health for the last 5 years. Last position as Director of Clinical Services. Home health seems to be a dying field. I want to get back to hands on nursing. I wanted to travel, but no one will even consider me without hosp. nursing within the last 6 mo. I am willing to relocate. I would like to go West, Nevada, Colorado, Arizona, etc. I have a motor home and can relocate ASAP. Anyone interested in me??? Please email me at
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  3. by   MediStaff

    At MediStaff we have many Nurses that are seeking various positions nationwide. Please view our website at Our employment specialists can help you weigh all the options and find a nurse that is perfect for you.

    Please don't hesitate to contact us on 1-800-548-2428, fax (619) 793-4909 or e-mail us at if you have any questions.

    Nurse Recruiter @ MediStaff

  4. by   Andy Manning
    Dear Mudslide...

    We are interested ..Give me a call @ 888-635-5038 and we can talk about some opportunities.